Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Katie and the wedding

Katie and I were talking last night before bed (while she at her mac and cheese crackers and drank her milk and I ate half of a cookie I wasn't even hungry for and drank my milk) and she told me "I marry your mommy, mom." I said what? Since I didn't quite understand her at first and she said it again... I asked her why because, well, it's a kinda strange thing to say and she told me "because she my gramma." Now if she would have said something about "because she plays play doh with me, because she gives me treats, because she goes for walks with me, because she... well, because of all of the things gramma does with her, I would have totally gotten her reasoning. Maybe "because she my gramma" is her way of saying all of those things without actually saying them. Hmmm.

I did tell her that she will meet a boy who will like her and they will play together and they will need to be sick together and go to dinner together and talk to each other and when she's much, much, much older she will want to marry him... but no, she still wanted to marry gramma.

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