Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Why you lookin at me?

I finally got Katie to bed... John tried twice but she woke up both times so I waited for a bit before trying again. I got her to bed and went back into her room to put her pillow and blanket away. I heard her say something that I didn't understand and I thought she might be dreaming. I hung around to make sure it wasn't a scary dream when she said it again, clearer this time but I still couldn't understand. Finally I said "Katie, mommy doesn't understand what you're trying to say..." and she said "my song, sing my song". That's my cue to sing her song. I've mentioned it before. I made it up when she was a baby and she really likes it. I sang the chorus twice and the other part once and she started snoring so I switched to Jesus Loves Me just to see if she woke up, because if she's not all the way sleeping, she will wake up just enough to tell me "Sing my song!" When she was finally down, I decided to write a little and then go to bed... but she's still up so I'm still up. :) I thought she would be good for the night. I already put her to bed once but she woke up with a cough so now she's on the couch. I glanced at her while I turned the lamp off to see if she noticed. Sometimes she doesn't want the lights out so I have to tell her it's lights out and she usually is okay with that. She saw me looking at her and said "Mommy, why you lookin at me?"
I was looking at Mike and Jennys blog when she fell. She must have tried to set her sippy cup on the table and ended up missing the table but bumping the sippy cup on it LOUDLY! and falling on the floor. It was *almost* comical. I picked her up and we looked at the blog together. I told her that we could look at pictures of Paige and that she has a cute purse. Katie looked when I told her that and once she saw the purse, she said "That's not my purse" and laid her head on my shoulder and closed her eyes.

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