Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nothing's certain but death and...

Argh. I hate taxes. I know, that's a strong word but it's such a chore to sit at the computer and answer questions and fill in numbers from numerous forms and know that it's for the IRS! The first few questions... who are you, where do you live... that kind of stuff is easy. It just gets so hard about 30 questions in when there's a question and a yes/no button and more detail in the fine print... well, needless to say I ended the evening with a huge headache and so did mom since she's my unofficial tax person. She sat and waited patiently as I searched for my 2007 taxes, laughed with me (a little hysterically) when I returned triumphant to the computer desk with what I thought was my '07 return only to find that it was ... 1997. But I finally found the taxes and logged on successfully to the mortgage site for the other stuff and we did it! After only 3 hours and much complaining on my end. I'm still miffed that the tax site kept slipping in donation questions... I could have helped political candidates campaign, wildlife thrive, and other stuff I just can't remember now. I wish I had an "in" with the tax people... I could sure have used a donation question for "the tiessen ticket"!

The whole time I was downstairs, John had Jacob and grandpa had Katie. She was just so sick it was sad. Her voice is hoarse, she's crabby (which is unusual for her), she has been sleeping more (nice for us!) and she's just not herself! Her temp was 100.5 and getting that was like pulling teeth!

We finished at about 10:30 and I spent a few minutes setting the house to rights and then I went to bed. Whew! Dad got Katie to bed earlier so I didn't have to worry about her which was nice! Thanks Dad!

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