Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter eggs and the rest of our weekend

I had 12 eggs filled with coins. Katie opened the first one and was so excited! Her eyes got big and I could tell she was thrilled! She opened the second one and was just as excited. She had to open every single egg and was thrilled over each one! Then she saw her 50 pc marker set!!! She wasn't as excited as I thought she would be but she was so busy with her eggs and her basket (we gave her a little chick that chirped and a basketball hoop with suction feet and a ball and some candy and she played with the ball and hoop) that she didn't really react to the markers. Then her ball went under the coffee table where I had hidden her art set - a case filled with markers, watercolors, colored pencils and crayons. She liked that. (She spent a lot of the afternoon sitting at her dora table playing with the watercolors with grandpa.) Then she went into the sun room and hunted for her real eggs. She found them and was so excited each time... it was a blast to watch. There was one egg in a jar with potpourri and mom told me that when she saw it she said "Silly Easter Bunny!"
After that, we ate our lunch... Mom made a ham and cheesy potatoes, green bean casserole, a jello dessert... whew, lots of delicious food! We ate till we were stuffed. Then we cleaned up and Katie wanted me to cuddle her (she was getting sick) so she sat with me and cuddled till she was asleep. We ended up napping in the recliner for a good 3 hours! John was asleep in the bedroom, and mom and dad were with Jacob (I guess he fell asleep too). We woke up and played Chicken Shoot (or whatever that game is on Wii) and ate a snack and then we got loaded up and went home.
We stopped at Burger King for a snack and Katie told John that she wanted fries and apple juice (that's what she gets at McDonalds) and she was very clear when she told him. We got home, ate our snack, got things put away and finally FINALLY went to bed!

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