Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Jake and Katie keeping us on our toes

Jake has his 1 year well check today (I know... I'm a little slow on the draw).

Katie has a strange facination with making "castles" out of orange peels. She loves it. Last night I peeled one of those tiny oranges for her and gave her the slices and the peel and she sat at the kitchen table for at least 35 minutes making castles and playing with the oranges, the slices "talked" to each other before saying "goodbye" and going into her mouth.

The other night she did the same thing but the playtime took a macabre turn when she told me "Mommy, I love to peel people." Hmmm, the imagery there was kind of gross.

Jacob is climbing on everything. If we leave a kitchen chair rolled out from the table, he climbs on it. If we leave the bench in the living room facing out, he climbs on it. If we leave his little school bus too close to the bed, he climbs on it. Then he stands up. On everything. And smiles. All while I'm rushing toward him to help him get down.

Jake is eating okay these days. He would rather inhale a bunch of puffs than eat the roast I made for dinner but he does great with fruits, hot dogs, noodles, peeled grapes, insides of oranges, yogurt, and ice cream. He's not much of an eater though... he would rather run around and play.

Oh, he adores bananas. I usually take off his clothes and give him a section big enough to hold in his hand. He loves it. He can eat half a banana in about 10 minutes AND it keeps him sitting in his high chair which is a big challenge since his goal is to get into a standing position and then smile at us so we can see how brilliant he is to have managed that feat. Not fun. And I can't move the tray any closer to his tummy. I don't know how he manages to wiggle out of his seat a thousand times during each meal.

Katie is silly. She's got to have her toys and she's got to have her red Snow White headband (with the cute bow on the top). Then she comes to me and tells me to guess who she is. Sometimes I guess that she's "Katie", sometimes I guess "a princess?", sometimes I actually guess correctly (the times when I remember that when she's wearing her headband there's really only ONE person she's pretending to be and that's SNOW WHITE). She loves that game.

She still has "work friends" and she still claims that Honey is a boy. She still plays alone really well although sometimes her and Jake will run around the house over and over and over, giggline the whole time.

She tries to do my exercise video with me until she deems it "too hard, mommy!" and does her own thing. We make pretend excercises up when my video is over. She counts to 10 while we hold whatever pose we've got.

We had a pizza picnic on Saturday. Katie brought the napkins to the living room and put them on the towel, one at each end, perfectly placed. Then while I cleaned up the dishes, she put the towel in the bathroom hamper.

She also locked the bathroom door while washing her hands. I knocked and she said "Just a minute, mom!" so I got our key and got it unlocked to find her rinsing her hands in a green sink. Green is the color of her special foaming soap. It was coating the sink and part of the counter. No wonder she wanted me to wait a minute... she wanted to clean up!

We went to Mike and Jenny's birthday on Friday night and that was a BLAST! Katie loved the photobooth and Jake loved the toys. We had really yummy food and the hypnotist comedian was great! Go to Paiges Upon Pages (link to the left) to see their blog. No post yet about the big event but there are pics of Jakes 1st birthday (cause they are waaaaay better about posting pics than I am!).

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