Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Katie and I were winding down from a long day. Jake was in his crib sleeping so we had some quiet time together.

Katie reached over and put her hand on my arm and very seriously said "Mommy, I don't want your good stuff to go to heaven. And I don't want Daddy's good stuff to go to heaven either. Because if you go to heaven, I won't have any family."

I reassured her that we don't plan to go to heaven anytime soon but she was still upset.

She talked about it alot and how she didn't want our good stuff to go to heaven and our bodies to go to the cemetary. I tried to reassure her and to tell her that heaven is a great place but she did not care. She was sad.

I finally realized that she hadn't mentioned Jake. So I asked her "What about Jakey?"

And she said "Jakey can go to heaven."


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