Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Spaghetti anyone?

Remember my previous post about Katie and her nests? Well, John thought he had found all of the hiding spots the day she decided to get creative with dry pasta but she's trickier than we thought.

I was in her room and decided to wash the new pillow case that had been sitting on her little desk. When I picked it up, lo and behold, I found another stash of pasta. At least a cup worth.

So I decided to look at the room with "mommy vision" and found two other spots John missed. Mostly because the noodles are only a few shades lighter than the hardwood floor and partly because he forgot that 4 year olds (in April) are much sneakier and kinda smarter than moms and dads would expect.

It's funny that she made nests out of noodles. It's not funny to find them all over the bedroom she shares with Jake, who likes to put anything in his mouth.

I think we can finally say that, today we ARE smarter than a 4 year old. But ask me again tomorrow as the answer might have changed.

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