Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Facebook Reprint - The things kids say and do...

Katie was counting and wanted me to repeat the word. She got to four in Spanish and she said "fuafro" and I said "cuatro" because that's what it is. Katie said "No, no, no. Fuafro mommy."
Katie just put herself in time out. Jake fell and when I asked her if she pushed him and she said no. A few minutes later she said "Mommy, I in time out. I pushed Jake." And she sat there for awhile. : )

Katie just said "mommy give me your hand..." so I put my hand over by her, expecting her to hug my arm or something sweet, instead... she held my hand and spit out the gooey gummy candy she had been chewing. Ick. Like I wanted it.

I just heard Katie say "Jakey, I'm not a chew toy! Say your sorry.". and then in a high voice she said "Sorry" and told me that Jakey said sorry!

Who thinks Jake made it into the bathtub all by himself? According to Katie he did but she wouldn't look me in the eye. I suspect she had some part in helping him into the still wet tub. Changed his pants again (after just putting his jammies on him).

Katie is getting ready to go to a glass bead. I think she means a ball. She's putting on all of her barrettes and jewelry on. and she's dancing in the living room. if you call king around and pretending to bump into everyone. jake just fell on me and Katie said "say sorry jacob!"

Katie just told me "I love Christmas... Every kid loves Christmas." and she's said it now about 20 times! Now she's starting to fall asleep. Still saying "I love Christmas.". Ob and she just threw in "I love presents.". hee hee!

do I talk too much? katie just told me to stop talking. Then she told me that she has to go to sleep. Her "brain" told her she have to go to sleep. I guess I was keeping her awake.

Katie told me tonight that "Mommy, if you die... I will still love you." Kindof strange, oddly touching.

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