Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Katie is "nesting"

I got home from my first day back to work after our wonderful vacation and John told me that Katie asked him if she could make a nest.

He said sure, not thinking about what she might be using for her nest, and went on with whatever he was doing.

Awhile later he realized that it was very quiet, and we all know that when it's very quiet it usually means a haircut (to even out whatever the child cut off crookedly), an emergency hospital visit, or a lot of tape (for piecing together whatever the child cut apart). So he went to check.

And found our darling, creative daugher in her bedroom making nests... out of uncooked spaghetti noodles.

Sooo, I'm hearing this and kind of laughing, happy that Jake was probably sleeping and wasn't involved or we might have needed that trip to the ER!

Then Katie comes by and I ask her if she asked daddy if she could make nests out of spaghetti noodles and she said "noooo".

Then she tells me that she hid a nest. And ran off before I could find out where exactly.

And I was relieved that we a) knew where to erect the crime scene tape till we found the hidden nest and b) that she told me there was a hidden nest.

I asked John about it and he had already found it.

Under her bed.

A spaghetti box, still pretty full. I guess ya never know when you'll have a nest emergency.

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