Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Cuddles and Babies

When I come home from work, I'm usually greeted by Katie who rushes to me and tells me "I happy you come home from work, mommy" and we get to hug and talk for a minute.

And then I try to sneak into the bedroom to change my clothes before *someone* tries to find me. Calling "mamamamamama" all the way.

He says mamamamamama a lot and he stands up (holding onto stuff) and he plays well with Katie, and he eats puffs by himself, and he sometimes lets go of the stuff he's holding onto while standing and he stays up!

It's crazy. He was standing up holding onto the couch one day last week and when I looked, I saw that he had let go and was just standing all by himself!!! I couldn't believe it! He's done it more than once and I think we're well on our way to a more mobile baby.

Except when he wants mamamamamama.

So I'm looking for a baby sling so I can carry him around. You know, for those times when I want to do something that I might need two hands for. I've heard babies can be worn for a long time... and the sling I'm thinking about holds up to 35 lbs.

One evening I was in the bedroom and I heard him in the hall. I thought he would pop in at any moment but when I heard him crying I looked out and realized he was sitting in the hallway outside of the bathroom where he must have thought I was. He was much happier when I stuck my head out into the hall to show him that I was right there!

Oh, my sweet girl has wanted to cuddle a lot these days. She comes over and says "cuddle mama?" and it's so precious that I want to just sit with her forever.

It's almost more precious when we've been cuddling for a few minutes but I have to get up for a minute and she stops me and says "But mama, I not done cuddlin yet." I love that because usually before I'm ready to let her go, she's ready to get going. Playtime and imaginary friends wait for no mom.

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