Monday, October 26, 2009

Target - Is it still my oasis of calm?

I like going to Target. It's got formula, groceries, shoes, kids clothes, and more, all under one roof. It's usually got a very quiet peaceful vibe since I don't always take the kids with me when I need to run in for medicine or odds and ends.

So, I guess I should say that I like going to Target alone. I clear my head and exhale.

Well, on Saturday night, something happened that could have ruined my Target experience forever.

Chaos arrived into my happy Target world. Katie and I were over in the dollar section playing with dinosaurs and I hear a lady (lady #1) telling another that she wasn't talking to her, she was on her cell phone and that she feels threatened and feels like she should call security!

I'm like, whoa! This is Target, respect the vibe! And respect the little ears that are listening to you. (Luckily Katie wasn't paying attention... she was busy helping the dinosaurs make friends with each other.)

Then the other lady (lady #2) walked past with a cart and says something very threatening... I won't repeat it here.

Almost at the same time, I hear lady #2's relative tell lady #1 that "she didn't mean anything by it... there are children here..."

Huh? If there are children with you, should you really be getting into an argument with someone you don't know? And if you don't know them, how much should you really care if they say something to you or what they said?

I was angry that Katie and I were standing there when it happened. And it only lasted a minute before both parties went their separate ways. Well, I wasn't going to say anything about lady #2's comment until I saw three Target employees walk by.

Then I had to tell them what she said. And I had to tell them that if nothing was done about this situation, it would be very sad.

I don't know if anything was done and the whole situation made me really angry. And ruined part of my Target experience.

Luckily we got back on track after I shopped for my bagels and cream cheese (yum) but I'm still mad about it now... two days later.

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