Monday, September 21, 2009

Slow down... you move too fast!

Jake, this is your mommy.

I'm telling you to slow down. You move too fast when you want to get to where you want to go.

Mommy would love it if she had more than 30 seconds to herself in the bathroom before you a) start to bang on the door or b) push the door open and start to crawl in (which icks mommy out because... it's the bathroom floor.)

** Katie, this is a shout out to you too... if the bathroom door is closed, it might mean that mommy is having some personal time. I know you like to chat (with a captive audience) but it's really just not such a good time. Especially when you leave the bathroom door open. I know, I know, you try to help by shutting it once mommy reminds you but by the time Jake has an arm in the door, it's too late.

Back to you Jacob...

I'm telling you to stop trying to move the baby gates by pushing and pulling them. Usually while they are supporting your standing weight. The baby gates mommy and daddy put up are to keep you in and it kind of defeats the purpose when you manage to pull them down. Onto yourself.

Also... Katie's kitchen is not a baby gate. Pushing and pulling it usually ends with you covered in... well, hard, plastic kitchen. There is no door or opening behind it to go through or explore, just wall. Maybe some dust. So, I would really appreciate it if you could cease and desist. Mommy is tired of panicking and doing a tooth check every time said kitchen falls down. Onto you.

Also, you're super cute. Love your smiles!

But PS, the grinding teeth isn't so cute. It makes mommy's head hurt and sounds icky.

Thanks Jake!

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