Monday, September 21, 2009

With love...

On Saturday and Sunday I would give Katie her sippy cup and say "here's your sippy, with love!" or "here's your lunch, with love".

On Sunday evening I was humming/whistling "God made me" and Katie called out to me from the dining room, "Mommy... God made me... with love, right?" And I said "He sure did!"

This was a sweet moment.

Much better than the times she's in the bathroom washing her hands and I tell her "two squirts of soap only" (because if I don't tell her, I'll come back and there will be purple soap all over the sink and counter... one time I looked and she had gotten it all over one of our hand towels. Arg!) and she tells me "Mommy, go into the living room now." That's kind of a giveaway that she's going to use 3 squirts... or 30. Depending on how long she's left in the bathroom with the sink running.

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