Thursday, September 17, 2009

Think again...

The other day we were talking and Katie asked me what "Mom, what color is the Toy Fairy's bag?" And I said I thought it was purple. Katie said "Think again!" So after a little laugh at that, I said "Orange" and Katie agreed. And I chuckled again.

So,last night me, mom, dad, Katie, and Jacob went to the park. Mom and Katie came upstairs ready to go at about 7:45 or so and mom was very surprised to find that it had gotten dark!

The plan was going to change to a walk around the block until Katie said "I have an idea..." and she waits for our attention. Then she said "Let's go for a walk... to the park."

Mom did her best to explain that it was too dark to go to the park but I think Katie is getting that "selective hearing" because she kept repeating that she wanted to go to the park. So, after trying, and failing, to get her to understand that you can't see in the dark so it's hard to play at the park when you can't see, we all headed to the park. She didn't have any doubt it seems that we would go.

There was just enough light for her to pull out her little pail and shovel and dig in the sand. I think this is her favorite, and maybe only, reason she wants to go to the park because that's all she did the whole time. We could put a sandbox in our back yard and save the 15 minute walk if that's what lures her to the park in the first place!

But the walk was good excersize and she had fun.

Till it was time to go home and she wanted me to carry her. 10 blocks away from home. And cried when I wouldn't. I finally distracted her enought that we made it home without a lengthy meltdown. And at home, she was totally fine. We talked and she played till she fell asleep.

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