Thursday, August 6, 2009

We've had a busy week

Monday night mom, me and the kids went to Target, Sonic, and Cub. Sonic was fun and funny. Katie got strawberry shake all over her little sweet face, thanks to grandma, and gave mommy the idea for a previous post (nostril flare anyone?).

Tuesday night mom, me and the kids went to the bank to open accounts for them. Katie put her piggy bank money into the coin reader and we got cash from the teller. She gave it to the rep at the desk and sat in the chair next to me with her hands folded in her lap... till the lady brought out some hiliters for her to color with. She had fun! She whispered to me that "Honey was gonna open up a bank account too, at a BIG bank." and some other stuff that I can't remember now. I opened up a business account for the $50 you get (and I didn't have to order checks!).

Then we went to La Casita and dad met us there. Jacob sat in a high chair and chewed on my tube of carmex. He was very good, and very sturdy. Katie colored, ate chips with salsa and rice and beans, and talked.

I was going home to do some cleaning before my jewelry party on Wednesday and Mom and Dad were going to take the kids to Walmart. I got a ride from one end of the parking lot to the other, got out of the car, walked a few steps, went back to the car for my cell phone, and saw that Katie wasn't happy about the plan. She wanted me to go too. I gave her a dollar to spend at the store (so not a bribe... well, maybe a little) and took off.

Got to our street and saw the car there with Katie and Grandpa standing in the driveway. I pulled in and Katie started to cry. She was so clingy and wanted me to hold her and cuddle. This is so not like her! She's always "busy playin'" and can't spend 10 minutes sitting still with me so this was a melty moment.

I had to carry her inside and we cuddled till mom and dad left with Jake, then we got busy. I put some pictures in one of my frames, vacumed, dusted, and tried to clean our carpet. While I was spraying the 409 carpet cleaner on the floor, I was also telling Katie that if she can't be extra careful, there shouldn't be any more mint chocolate chip ice cream, *spray* no more red juice, *spray* no more orange juice, *spray* no more markers, *spray* no more pens, *spray* and no more pizza *spray* in the living room. By the time I was done spraying, the living room floor was dotted with patches of white, fluffy, cleaning foam. I followed the instructions, waiting "3 minutes before blotting with a dry, absorbant cloth" and... nothing. It didn't work. What a dissappointment. I wonder if I should write a letter. I'll do that! Maybe once I have more time... maybe when Jacob is 2.

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