Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Katie has perfected her "nostril flare"

Most of you aren't aware that my sweet Katie has a bit of an attitude. I know. At this point, I imagine you all exclaiming, "What a shock! Her mommy is such a sweet person with never a cross word." But it might be true that Katie gets some of her attitude from me.

I don't know where she gets the nostril flare though. I was strictly a nose turn-upper growing up (and presently, sometimes on rare occasions).

Yes, you haven't seen a good nostril flare till you've seen hers. Arms crossed, straight mouth - no smile or frown, creased brow, angry eyes, and the nose. Just the best interpretation of disdain I've ever seen. Actors, take note. It's subtle yet striking.

She uses it only in extreme cases, like when mommy wants a taste of the strawberry shake we're sharing, or when it's time to go potty and she doesn't think she has to go, or when she can't go outside because it's late and there are mosquitos. Yep, only on those rare occasions.

The other day we were at Sonic sharing a shake (strawberry - yum!) and I wanted a little. Katie looked at me, did all of the above, and was not happy. I looked at her and said "If you keep your attitude, you won't have any more shake. We're sharing this." As soon as I said those words she gave me a small smile. Nothing else changed. Just the small smile with her angry face and crossed arms. Then as soon as it appeared, it was gone.

She got her comeuppance later though. Grandma was holding the shake cup so Katie could drink out of it to get the last little bit. She reached over to grab Katie's balloon animal and I heard her laughing. When I looked over, I laughed too. Katie had strawberry shake on her face in a big "moustache" and in a big "unibrow" on her forehead, it was on her hand and on her dress. Just a little mess. She sat very still while I cleaned her up. Oh, and laughed too. It was too funny. She wasn't amused.

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