Friday, August 14, 2009

Ramin Noodles for Dinner

The other night I was trying to decide what to have for dinner and it was a toss-up between rack of lamb and duck l'orange.

Oooooo-kay, maybe a little bit of here's the truth about the other night.

I was walking from our pantry to the fridge and back again trying to decide what to have for dinner. Katie was following me back and forth and on about the 3rd trip into the pantry (I guess I just kept hoping something new would magically appear to no avail) Katie pulled out the ramin noodles I bought for John on our last grocery trip. (I don't make him eat these, he actually asked me to pick some up!)

Katie picked one out and said, "Mommy, I want to have this for lunch." I decided that lunch was close enough to dinner and if I add a pudding cup and an ear of corn, I would have an *almost* good-for-her dinner.

After reading the directions on the pack... at least three times because I have never in my whole life made ramin noodles and I thought there might be some kind of small print because they can't be that easy, can they? ... I boiled the water and got cookin'.

Katie was thrilled with her noodle soup and I actually liked it!

Now I just wonder... was it so tasty because I had worked up an appetite after my fridge to pantry workout?

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