Friday, August 14, 2009


Katie is either really imaginative or just plain strange.

This morning I woke up for work and checked on the kids. I had to check on Jacob because he only woke up once last night and I usually see his sweet baby face at least three times a night (since he's teething). I put the orajel on his gums and fed him a little bit of bottle and he fell asleep so I think it's helping him feel better.

Anyway, when I checked on him, she was not in her bed. I found her sleeping on the couch with her legs over the armrest. When I ask her why she was there, she said that "Lola was awake and that's why I need to be awake and on the couch sleepin."

This evening, she's attached her boxes of play food to the tops of her feet with hair binders and called them shoes. And walked around the house with them on for about 40 minutes.

And I've just finished telling her that no, you can't wear your shorts under your jammy shorts... please take off your outside shorts and put your jammys back on.

She's not having any trouble being alone with mommy and daddy. (Grandma and Grandpa took Jake to the lake with them so it's just the three of us.)

I think it's cuddle time now, she was up early this morning.

She's sitting on my lap pretending to type on the mousepad. It's so cute.

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