Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend – Part 2: There's never enough time!

Later in the afternoon we (sans mom and Jake) went for a boat ride to the other end of the lake about 20 minutes away. Katie was having a great time but close to mid-point in our ride her head started bobbing with the boat. Eventually she decided that it would be better for Mommy to hold her so I switched seats and cuddled her. She got antsy and demanded that I “hold her like a baby” which was just the tiniest bit confusing. Till I figured out that it meant that she wanted to face me and put her head on my shoulder. A little tough when she’s wearing her Barbie life vest. But we made it work and she fell asleep.

Got back and went in to see what Jake was up to and he and mom were sleeping. I don’t remember what else we did… and it was only a day ago. Is my memory getting that bad?

Anyway, we ate dinner at some point (hot dogs on the fire) and watched Marley & Me. It was cute. Katie wanted to see the “bad dog” and I had to let her know that the dog wasn’t bad… it just had bad manners. So then she wanted to see the “bad manners dog.” I carried her to bed when the movie ended and went to sleep with Jake. He did not sleep as well as he did on Friday night. I think he had “tummy issues” alllll night. Finally he fell asleep at about 8 a.m. – we were rocking in the bedroom, I fell asleep too. Till about 10:30 a.m. when I heard Katie calling me. Loudly and repeatedly. I laid Jake down and went to see what disaster I could hopefully avert. At first I heard her say that she threw up in her bed… but when I saw her she looked fine and then she said that she had to go potty. I asked her if she threw up and she said “No, I got to go potty BAD” so we headed to the potty with more energy than I usually have when I first wake up. Usually she points at the door and says “Go away mama, I need private time” but she wanted me to stay this time which was sweet but I really had to go too. Worked it all out and everything was hunkey dory. Till after breakfast. When I heard a thump from the sun room where you-know-who just happened to be playing. Where Grandma has a collection of bears, some soft cuddly bears and some very breakable bears.

I went in (rushed in actually) to find Katie holding two pieces of what used to be a one piece seesaw with a bear on each side. She looked at me and started to cry. I told her that when grandma and grandpa got home, she would have to apologize for breaking the bear. She did not want to apologize. “You do it” were the words she used. I gently explained that since mommy did not break the bear, mommy did not apologize. She stopped crying after a little cuddle but did not want to say sorry when gramma and umpa came home. She did show them what happened and sat with them for a bit. Then gramma went into the other room and Katie told us she was going to say sorry to gamma. But not umpa. And off she went.

Mom, dad and the kids went outside while I got ready for the day. Then Lori started cooking her spaghetti. It was a hit! We sat down for lunch everyone ate a lot. We didn’t even have room for the cake we were going to eat because we were so full. I was so tired I took a nap with Jake. Katie had to go potty and gramma tried to help her but I guess I was the only person she wanted to see… until she decided that umpa could help her instead. So the yelling for mama and the knocking on the door finally ended and I got back to sleep. Me and Jake (Jake) woke up just in time to see everyone in the boat heading out for a ride. We (me) watched a little TV and Jake had a bottle. After everyone got back we made BLTs. Katie was in mom and dads room and she said she didn’t want to eat so I checked on her to see what she was doing (mom’s laptop was sitting on the floor so I hoped she was ignoring it like she ignores John’s laptop at home) and she had her back to me and was looking in grandma’s work bag. I surprised her when I said “Katie, what are you doing?” She turned around, pointed her finger out the door and said “Mama, you go away. Go and eat your food.” It was very funny, ahem, very not good manners I mean. She eventually joined us for a very delicious dinner of pickles and toast with jelly.

We watched Nim’s Island while we ate and once that was over, we packed up and headed out. The kids were asleep 5 minutes into the trip so it was a very relaxing drive back home. Well, it was very relaxing till we stopped to get gas. At that point, Jake woke up and was crying. Lori fed him the rest of his bottle (about 2 oz) and Katie woke up, bleary eyed and wondering what was going on. Got gas, headed to Lori’s to drop her off, listened to Jake cry the whole 5 minutes to Lori’s apartment. Made my first bottle on the go – standing at the back of the car, pouring the water from Katie’s sippy cup into Jakes bottle, mixing it up, sitting in the back seat to feed, burp, and cuddle. Not my idea of fun. Finally Jake felt better and went to sleep pretty much right away. Katie stayed asleep (whew!) and I got to bed about midnight. Finally!

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