Saturday, July 11, 2009

It's only Saturday and already our weekend has been full!

Wow, what a great weekend. Last night, me and the kids picked up Lori from her place and headed to the lake. We had to stop and eat on the way so we picked IHOP. Yum. Lori and I shared an omlet and pancakes and Katie had her own meal - mac and cheese and fries (with chocolate milk). Now, on the menu this meal looks like it's enough to feed a hungry toddler but when our food came, the bowl was about 1/3 full and there was a scattering of fries. I asked how much this cost (because there were no prices in the kids menu) and it was $4.99! I was shocked! Then the waitress told me that Friday's were "kids eat free" nights. What a relief. I was about to get maaaad and I didn't have to. The food we did get was good so that's a relief.

After we got done eating, I fed Jacob his bottle and Katie drew on a napkin with the waitress' pen. She drew a face with eyes and a mouth and nose, then stick arms and body. She told me that it was Jesus. Then she said, "I'll give him feet" and she drew feet. Then she drew a circle and said it was the stone. I asked her if it was the stone that was rolled in front of the tomb and she said yes. Then she drew a bad guy (I think she meant a guard). Very intent on what she was doing the whole time.

Jake burped, we packed up and headed out.

Got to the lake, unloaded, waited for mom and dad to arrive. I was in the bathroom and heard Katie tell Lori "No gamma, no umpa, nobody here!"

Mom and dad arrived about an hour later and mom cuddled Jake. I got bottles ready and Katie ready for bed and grandpa set up a tent... in the sunroom! Yes, that's right. A three person tent in the sunroom so he and Katie could "camp". Mom brought some flashlights over so I guess Katie played with hers for a loooong time before she fell asleep. She had so much fun with the tent and she was so excited to be able to sleep in it. She told grandpa to zip up the door and boy, she was ready to enjoy the experience.

Jake had a bottle at about 11:30 so he was ready to go to sleep when mom took him to cuddle. He fell asleep and I took him at about 12:00. I laid him in bed and he was out... till 5:30 this morning!!! I was surprised when I heard him moving around and woke up and realized that he had slept for 6 hours! He usually wakes up twice at night between those times. I was happy... and well rested!

We woke up at about 7:30 (Jake fell asleep at 6 and woke up about 7:30) and Jake talked to himself till 8. Ate breakfast at about 10 a.m. and then went to Walmart... JUST me and Lori! Katie decided she didn't want to go and Jake didn't have any opinion either way so Mom stayed home with the kids and we took off. Went to the clothing store where I usually find cute stuff for Katie but I didn't buy anything because she wasn't with me... and I worried that she wouldn't want to wear what I picked out. She's quite vocal about her outfits.

Then we stopped at a consignment shop and looked around. Didn't buy anything there.

Then we were off to Walmart. Got stuff on the list to make some meals and then went to the baby area to pick up some butt paste (A&D if you want to be specific but we've always called it butt paste as in "Katie, will you bring me the butt paste for Jake's diaper change please" or "Katie, why are you putting butt paste all over your baby doll!" or "Katie, why do you have butt paste all over your face and arms?" - and just one arm... she must have used one hand to squeeze it out, the other to rub it in) when I showed Lori the bedding set I really wanted for Jake's crib but it was almost $50 last time we were here a week ago. I was kind of bummed when I didn't see it on the shelf - I guessed that they were just sold and that was that. We got closer to the formula area and saw a clearance shelf with, you guessed it, the crib set! I told Lori it was too expensive and she said that it was $21 now. I was so excited! I thought about it for two seconds and decided that I needed that crib set... so I bought it... along with $50 worth of other stuff.

Got home, put stuff away, had soup and bread and watermelon for lunch and went on a boat ride.

Now we're home and Dad is holding Jake and Mom is outside with Katie and Lori just finished some water and is probably heading back out. Me? I'm heading for the living room and the tv and my Jakey. We've got a date with a bottle.

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