Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Dinner at Grammy and Grampy's

Grandma invited us to dinner last night so me, the kids, and dad (cause mom had gone straight from work) headed off. Jake was his usual self, smiley and content, and Katie was pretty sweet. We ate a delicious dinner (two bonuses: 1. Grandma made it (yum!) and 2. I didn't have to cook) and then had grandma's apple pie for dessert.

After dinner, Dad and Grandpa went outside to work on the car. I guess Katie didn't notice that they were gone right away because she was busy playing but when she did notice, her breath caught in her throat and she said "Where Grampy? Where Umpa?" and she looked from one end of the table to the other like she expected them to pop up at any moment. Mom took her outside to see what they were up to. While they were out there, Mike, Jenny, and Paige came over and Katie and Paige had a great time running around. Mom, Mike, Grammy... well, everyone took pictures of Katie and Paige standing still for the camera. Someone told Paige to "look at daddy" and Katie looked at me and said "Mommy, I look at you" and I think everyone got their shot before patience ran out.

They ran around inside too and near the stairs Katie would put her arms on each side of Paige to make sure she didn't fall. She didn't actually touch her, just had her arms braced like she was going to hug Paige. It was very cute/funny. Paige ate dinner and Katie kept her company.

Jake showed off his front to tummy rolling ability and also his puking prowess. Turning over; cute. Puking; not so cute, or fun... for mom anyway! He finally chose someone else to let loose on because usually it's me.

We went home at about 9:00.

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