Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Sometimes Katie just cracks me up!

Last night, she was sitting with John while he was playing poker on the computer. When I told her she should go pick out some jammies, she said, "Daddy, when you're done with your stupid game, will you come with me to get my jammies?" John said yes. Then she said, "And then will you hold me again?" John said yes (because what else is there to say when she's being so sweet!).

She wasn't as sweet earlier today. She told me she wanted to go to sleep so I should turn off the TV. When I didn't, she pulled out her "ear mups" - some wooden animals that she pressed to her ears. After a few minutes she said "That not working." And she switched to two of her Knex pieces. She said they worked better but I'm not sure about that.

Now tonight we were outside and she was riding on her bike. She got off, came over by me and Jake, and said, "Mom, I have to ask you some queshons." (That's how she says it.) Then she said, "Uh oh, gotta go catch those villans. Just like on Scooby Doo." And she went and got on her bike and wheeled off.

She played with grandma for awhile and then went to the store with daddy. It's 10:00 now and they just got home. Jake is sleeping and Katie is getting close. I hope!

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