Thursday, July 2, 2009

Katie said *sigh* that I hurt her feelings *sigh*

I was minding my own business the other night when Katie came to me and said "mama, you hurt my feelings" *sighhh* "You hurt my feelings real bad" *sighh* I just looked at her and tried not to laugh because she was really adding a huge sigh after every sentence! She did that for awhile and I asked her how I hurt her feelings and she said "mama, you talk to me too much. You hurt my feelings" *sighh* "I so upset, you hurt my feelings" *sigh*

I told her that I wanted to remember that I hurt her feelings so I was going to get the camera. Got back and caught another performance! She was so funny. She started to smile toward the end... she must have known that she was putting on a show.

I'm trying to explain "acting" to her. We watch House on TV sometimes and she usually wants to know what the doctors are doing and "why that person there?" so I've been telling her that they are actors and not really doctors and the people aren't really sick but I don't know if she gets it.

Speaking of House, I love that show. I never liked ER, I would rush to change the channel when it came on after The Office because I didn't even want to hear the theme song or see any of the characters. Now I'll catch reruns of House and happily watch 2 episodes - that's what usually airs each night. Katie will watch too which means I've got to be careful about how much "hospital" stuff she really sees... that show can be a little TMI if you know what I mean!

On a side note, I happened to catch a bit of the Billy Ray Cyrus show "Doc" and I realized that if I ever got sick and the only people around to help were the cast of Doc and the cast of House, I would choose the cast of House. Watch and compare and let me know if you agree!

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