Friday, June 26, 2009

Are my kids' ears going to grow long and floppy?


Katie loves 'em, Jacob seems to like them. What's going on here?

I'm not a carrot person but boy, give Katie a bag and she eats her way through. Jacob's just starting to eat baby food and his first official food was carrots.

He at the whole little container in two meals. And opened his mouth and held still for each bite! I gave him some on Tuesday and some last night (PARADE night!) and he ate and ate. And got messy. Katie didn't get as messy when she was a baby but I guess it's to be expected that after a very dainty baby girl, I'll end up with a hearty baby boy!

Already he's been pushing himself back in his walker and it took her awhile to even want to put her feet on the floor!

The differences are a little bewildering but I look forward to the other "firsts" that will be only Jacobs. Messy eating, "standing up",... what's next!?

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