Thursday, July 2, 2009

Carrots and Prunes and Applesause, oh my! Potty time, and falls and *ah hem*, no laughing, oh my!

It's official. Jake likes food. He ate carrots first (see previous floppy ear blog!) and he's since tried prunes and applesause. He loves it all. Of course, his bottle is still a staple but this is a fun extra!

His smile is just as big too... only two teeth so far so it's a big gummy grin and he uses it often.

Katie eats well too mostly. If I can keep her attention on her food and she doesn't get distracted by something! She's potty trained to go in the toilet (which makes me VERY happy not to have the little potty chair in the bathroom) and last night she kind of had a little accident... She was standing on her stool and about to sit when I realized she was just a few inches too far over! She sat before I could stop her and she fell face first toward the bathroom floor. Luckily she caught herself and it wasn't a free fall but still, not too fun. I got her up and she was willing to try to go even after that. I didn't laugh then but as I typed this... I gave a little tiny, the tiniest of chuckles. Okay... so I actually giggled out loud. I couldn't help it... it was kind of funny!

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