Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Weekend. What, no fireworks?

We spent a wonderfully relaxing weekend at the lake. Katie got to put her swim suit on and go swimming in the lake, Jacob got to try out Katie's swing, I got to eat rice krispy treats, special K bars, and brownies. Arg. Too much sugar but so yummy.

Katie also got to play in her little froggy pool from Grandma and Grandpa. It's just big enough for her to sit in and move around in a little and the hose connects to it and there's a little sprinkler in the front. She had such a good time with that! And she thought it was hysterical when grandpa "feel in" the pool! She would cover the spout with her foot and then tell grandpa to take it off and when he did, after he fell in the first time while doing this, she would take his arm and with all of the strength of a 3 year old, would pull him into the water. Dad would "fall" and get his arm and his head dunked in the water and Katie would lauuuuugh and laugh! Then she would cover the sprinkler again and repeat the process many, many... many times! Grandpa just kept going. We've got video. I promise I'll load it .

Jacob slept a lot. We sat outside and he slept, we sat inside and he slept. The only time he didn't sleep was at night. He was very fidgety. Katie slept really well. We ate dinner at about 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and were almost done when Katie said "I tired. I want to cuddle." I asked if she wanted to cuddle with me (but I was still eating) but then grammy came to my rescue and asked if Katie wanted to cuddle with her and she said yes. Grammy got her in jammies and rocked for a few minutes and Katie was out for the night! Sunday evening I was worried that the same thing would happen before we got in the car for the ride home! She was sitting in the kitchen chair and I looked over and her eyes were closed and she was leaning her head to the side. Grampa woke her up for me while I finished packing.

We had a great time, as usual. Katie had fun with Aunt Colleen - they made pretend sandwiches a few times this weekend. I'm glad they weren't real. I think the toppings included miracle whip, pb&j and pickles. Yuck!

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