Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Dinner at Grammy and Grampys

We were invited to dinner at grammy and grampy's on Friday night and when I asked grandma what we were having (I don't know why I want to know in advance... it's not like I'm NOT going to eat what's served!) and she told me "au gratin potatoes with ham." I asked grandma what the entree was and she said that that was the entree. Interesting. I mean, au gratin potatoes are a side dish, aren't they? I told grandma that we would be there and were looking forward to it but I still thought it was funny that we were having a side dish for dinner! After I hung up, I leaned waaaay back in my chair (I was at work) and asked my friend Lori if she had ever heard of that... she said "sure... with ham" so I shrugged my shoulders and decided to let it go.

When we got to their house, Katie saw all of the downstairs toys upstairs in the living room and she went right to them. I had to tell her that we needed to eat first and she quickly told me "mama, I not hungry" and I knew she was hungry but would rather play. I was able to turn her attention to dinner without any problem (whew!) and we ate and visited. Jacob slept in his car seat while we ate and woke up just as we were finishing up. After dinner, grammy held Jacob and watched Katie play with all of the toys and I sat with grandpa while he finished his dinner. We had ice cream cones (Katie's favorite) for dessert and were in the kitchen talking and got on the topic of coins and change. I told grammy and grampy that Katie feeds her piggy all of our spare change (I usually give it to her if I find it laying around). Well, grampy went into his coin purse and pulled out lots of his change and he gave it to Katie for her pig. She was very pleased! Grammy put it in an old vitamin bottle so it wouldn't get lost and Katie played some more and then it was time for us to go. (Of course I couldn't find my keys so I did the key search for about 15 minutes and finally remembered that I had put them in my coin purse in the diaper bag... grrr.) We got in the car and grampy was in the driveway saying goodbye and we were pulling out and I heard Katie in the back say "That was nice. Grampy gave me money to feed my piggy." I had to tell her to say it again because it was so cute and she did. How precious!

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