Thursday, May 21, 2009

La Luna can be found in the strangest of places

Katie is a potty chair pro. This is day 3 of her using the potty exclusively and no accidents. I guess she decided it was time. She gets up in the morning and takes off her diaper to go potty and then goes into her room to pick out a pair of underpants and wears them all day! I come home to a full potty chair (because she wants to see how much she's gone... which I think is weird but probably pretty fun for a 3-year old) and a proud little girl!

We've told her that once she goes potty in the potty chair, she'll be able to go to school. She had gone in her chair a few times at this point, so I told her that it had to be consistently... all of the time in the potty chair and then she can go to school. I wonder if her memory is that good... and that's why she's making this effort. Hmmmm.

The first time she went poo in the potty chair was such a big deal. Just three days ago I was eating an m&m and she wanted one. I asked her if she had gone poopy in her potty chair and she said no... so I told her she couldn't have one. Well, she left the kitchen pretty quickly and I heard her in the bathroom. I figured it was a false alarm because she's done it before. We get all excited when she says "I went poopy in my potty chair!" and there's nothing there so I didn't really expect much. I went in and sure enough! She did it!! She looked at it and told me "Mama! My poopy looks like la luna!" And it did. Kinda.

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