Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm a sweetheart... Katie says so and Honey had better watch herself!

Katie was in her bath on Sunday night playing with her little princess doll she had gotten from Grandma Rose and Grandpa George for her birthday and having a great time which meant that I would, hopefully, have at least an hour to fold laundry and do stuff around the house. Don't worry! I can hear her running commentary, doll discussions, and song singing from anywhere on the main floor and if it gets too quiet I rush to check on her because she's either a) using her tea cup or worse, her tea pot to pour water onto a plate on the ledge of the tub which means the floor will get soaked or b) trying to figure out how to get a toy or the washcloth from outside of the tub and therefore out of her reach into the tub so she can play with it. So I'm folding laundry in the bedroom and Katie calls me for about the fourth time using her usual "mommy, I neeeeeed you... mommy..." I go in and ask what she needs... again... and she basically just wants to have me there to watch her stir soap bubbles in her tea cup with her dolls legs. I told her that if she calls me and it's not an emergency, I might have to finish up her bath and get her out... A few minutes later, Katie says "Emergency, Emergency, mommy!" So I walk over and ask what the emergency is. Katie looks at me solemnly and says "mommy... Honey tricked you. There's no emergency." I kept a straight face and told Katie that if Honey tries that again, Katie would be in trouble for not stopping her and that Katie would have to finish her bath. Honey kept quiet for the rest of the bath.

After bath time, Katie was sitting on the bed matching up her socks and I was folding Jacob's sleepers. Katie asked me "Mama, that for my baby doll?" and I told her that it still fit Jacob so I was going to keep it for him. Well, a little later I saw a sleeper that was too small for Jake so I told Katie she could have it for her baby doll. She looked at me and said "Thank you mommy, you're a sweetheart." How precious and how sweet!

Now last night we were laying in bed and watching TV. Katie had the remote and was changing channels and I could tell she felt the power of the remote! She would put something on and then ask "Mama, you like this show?" It didn't matter if I said yes or no... she would change it anyway to find something else. Finally after seeing some questionable stuff for a 3-year old, I told her she could watch the food channel or the house channel and that was it. She was fine with that until I told her that if she changed the channel on "accident" I would take away the remote. When I heard her dissappointed "awww" and then saw the TV go dark, I knew tell that her plan was to have lots of tv changing "accidents" and once she realized that it wasn't an option, the tv wasn't so exciting! About 10 minutes later she told me "mama, I go to my bed" (YAY!!!) but when I got up after things had quieted down, I realized that she hadn't quite made it to her room... she was laying on the floor at the foot of the bed not 5 feet from where she started. I guess she was so tired and her bed was too far away!

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