Thursday, May 21, 2009

Katie is only going to be a stinker a little bit.

I left for work late this morning so I was still home when Katie woke up. I heard her talking in her room and I went in and sang her good morning song and she was happy to see me. So happy that she didn't want me to go to work but I asked her "What does mommy earn at work?" and she said "money" and I told her that was right... that the money I earn at work pays for the house and our cars and water and toys and she was fine after that. We sat on her bed for a few minutes and just talked and then she came with me to say goodbye at the door. As I was about to leave and I told her to be a good listener, a good helper, and not to be a stinker! She said "Mommy, can I be a little bit stinker?" I told her that would be okay.

I had just shut the screen door and I said good bye again and she said "bye mommy. drive safely" She is so precious and silly!

Last night I worked a little later and John picked me up. Usually on those days we'll go out for dinner and just us two. So I got in the car and he told me that Katie was laughing at his jean shorts and that she told him that his shorts were just like her shorts which, I guess she thought was the funniest thing ever because she laughed about it all afternoon! When she saw him she would put her hand over her mouth and laugh and point. He hasn't worn thos shorts in awhile, probably before she can remember, and she does have a pair that are the same length... he got a kick out of her laughing at his shorts.

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