Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Potty Chair / Baby Shower / Playtime with Lori

Katie has kept up with the potty chair and is very excited each day to show mommy that she's wearing underpants. We had to have a talk about "appropriate" clothing for visits and I think she finally understands that appropriate clothing involves a shirt, pants/shorts, AND underpants or she might not get to go to gramma and grampa's. She's been wearing them lately so I'm not sure if she realized that it's important to wear underpants, or just important to wear them so mommy will let her play at gramma and grampa's house.

We also went to a baby shower on Saturday (the 30th) for Rachel. I brought Katie and Jacob and they were both so well behaved and I was so happy! Katie even went potty on the toilet (on Donovan's potty seat)! She enjoyed the food... she did only eat crackers but she ate at least 40 of them so I guess that qualifies as lunch? Jacob watched everything going on from the comfort of his bathtub. After holding him for about an hour, my arms were ready for a break! He sat there and looked around and smiled... and then fell asleep about 2 feet from the loud action! When we were leaving, Katie told me "That fun mommy, I come here again."

We went home and waited for Lori to come over so we could go to dinner for my birthday. When she got there, we sat and talked then got going to TGI Fridays. Had a nice dinner - Jacob was smiling and Katie was eating her chicken tenders and carrots. She drank two cups of chocolate milk... I even had to pay another $.99 for a second cup because, well, it was milk and it was good for her and I figured it was better for her than the slushie she was pointing at on the menu. I managed to convince her that those were no good and she was happy with the milk.

We also stopped at Don Pablos. Now, I absolutely do not like the food there... but their tortillas are something I could eat EVERY day. And at $2 for a dozen... well, yummmmm. We got home and had hot tortillas with butter and cinnamon sugar. Then Katie and Lori colored. Katie was telling Lori what she should draw next and before we knew it, we had a castle, a princes, a storybook, a prince, an evil witch, a horse, and muuuuch more. Then it was time to draw an ice cream cone (this looked an awful lot like a circle when Katie drew it) for everyone she knows. She would do her circle and then draw squiggly /\/\/\/\/\ after it... She would say that this one is for Grammy... then Lori wrote Grammy and Katie said I already wrote that! I figured it out after the second or third one that she was "writing" their names! After a looong coloring time, Lori read Katie "The Cat in the Hat." She told Katie that after the book was done, she would need to go home. After the book was read, Katie sat on the pink bench and said "Lori, come here..." so they sat together while Katie talked and talked about her castle and monsters in her room making noise and her castle being moved (I told her that it was just mommy... that I go into her room sometimes at night to put things away.) and she went on and on. Finally I asked her "Katie, are you telling Lori a long story so she stays longer" and she paused... looked at me... and said "Yes." After that, the gig was up. Lori left and Katie had to stand at the window to wave bye.

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