Monday, April 27, 2009

Night of the living dead...

Jacob... what a sweet, smiley, silly baby boy... until Sunday night. He was great all day and all evening until about midnight when it seemed as if something had taken over his body. Something noisy and not very happy took over and we were left with a crying, angry, fussy, nothing-will-satisfy-him baby boy. John took the first shift until about 3 a.m. and then I heard the commotion from the living room and I got up to help with the second shift from 3-6 a.m... Not exactly what I envisioned for a Sunday night. It continued into Monday morning and early afternoon and we don't really know why he was so fussy but think it might be due to his shots on Thursday.

So, considering how not happy he was Sunday night, I was understandably a little concerned with taking him to see grandpa at work for lunch on Monday but he was great... well, he was asleep anyway! Katie was a dear and Jakey slept so we had a very civilized lunch. No one dropped any food, spit up on mommy, or screamed loud enough to clear the dining room section we sat in. And if none of the above happens during any meal, I consider it to be very civilized... and very not messy for mommy. Katie was very excited to be wearing jeans "just like mommy is wearing" and she loves her jacket from grandma and grandpa - it has a pocket for her "cool" phone and her hands go in the side pockets and fit just right... boy, if she ever falls down while walking, we're in trouble! And yes, she calls it her cool phone. She loves the thing. All of her friends call her on it and she gets to chat with them at all hours of the day and night. She wanted it last night while I was trying to get her to sleep and I had to tell her that I told all of her friends not to call her this late at night and I put her phone away. (I really just couldn't find it and I had already been sent to find her baby doll TWICE because the first time I brought her the big baby doll and not the small one so I had to get the small one too and that was a challenge because these baby dolls turn up EVERYWHERE! Finally, both dolls, small bottle, small tiny mug in hand, she was ready to snuggle down and go to sleep.

After lunch on Monday, we got home and puttered around waiting for John to get home from his appointment (the real reason I got to play hookey from work for the afternoon) which didn't happen until almost 4:15. Grammy and Grampy came over to do babysitting duty (but I think they really wanted to get in some cuddles before grandma and grandpa came home) and I was going to take off to pick mom up and get some work hours in when John came home. I still took off, Grammy and Grampy still got in the cuddles, and when I called home, everyone was still visiting and having a great time ... without me. *sigh*

Well, I didn't miss all of the fun. Later that night, after I got home, we went to Fudruckers! YUM... well, it would have been yum if it had been OPEN! There was a sign on the door saying they were closed to make labor... Well. What a dissappointment. Sooo, we decided to go to LaCasita. The ladies in one car and the men in another. Katie pointed out "boys in that car" when we were on the road. The ladies were going to stop at home for our coupons and the men would get a table. That was the plan, until John called and said that they were at Old Country Buffet. Huh!? So, we had to confirm that they weren't joking and were indeed there. We didn't plan to eat there because they closed at 8 but the men checked it out and it was 8:30 so we turned around and met them there, sans coupons. Bummer! But it was a good meal and we had a good time sitting and talking and of course eating! We got home at around 9 and got the kids ready for bed and dad and John worked on a computer thing. It was a very nice day.

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