Friday, April 24, 2009

Firsts for Katie and Jacob!

Yesterday was Jacob's first doctor visit. His two month well check. I won't say it was fun, but most of it wasn't too bad! He was great for the weigh in and the doctor examination and screamed during the shots. He's 15 lbs 4 1/2 oz and 25" long. He did well and so far hasn't had a bad reaction to them. He's actually sleeping in his swing which he hasn't been doing very regularly lately. I'm typing and Katie's sitting next to me saying "that's lots of words mom, you typing lots of words."

Katie's first was an exciting ride with Paige on Uncle Mikes bike cart! It was really cute to see the two of them sitting there with their little harnesses on looking around and taking in the scenery! Dad and I went for a walk with Jacob in his stroller. It was nice, we walked for about 5 blocks. Then we came home and Mike took the girls for a long fast ride and me and dad stayed home.
After that, Mike was playing on the grass in the front yard with Paige and Katie trying to get them to do summersaults and Katie would crouch down and put her head toward the ground but held her hands up - she's never liked to touch the grass. Dad went to the car to get a blanket and then she had a blast doing summersaults on that. Paigey had fun running around the yard and climbing the stairs. She's so cute and so smiley!
Finally it was time for Paigey to get to bed and they left. Katie kept asking where Paigey went or Mom, where Uncle Mike go? John tells me that she talks to Uncle Mike on her phone and talks about Paige and Jenny too. She's so funny!

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