Saturday, April 4, 2009

Katie and her work friends

Katie has some new friends. I don't have the heart to point out to her that I can't see them so I've been playing along. It's hard to keep a straight face though since I tend to walk on them a lot... since they are INVISIBLE! Their names, from what I can tell, are Honey and Gaga. She has had them over to the house quite a bit but they haven't reciprocated. They chat on the phone too but they have been calling late in the evening. As a matter of fact, last night Katie had to get a little firm with Honey.

We were in the living room and I was laying on the couch and Katie was on the floor (I was willing to share the couch but she told me she wanted to lay on the floor) when I heard her say "ring ring" and she answered her cell phone and said "Hello? Mommy's sleeping on the couch and I am sleeping on the floor. It's late, we're sleeping. Don't call me anymore. We're sleeping." Then she put the phone on the coffee table and fell asleep. How cute is that!!!

We've made a routine for the evenings. We read a book, I refill her sippy cup, we read another book, then another until Mommy's eyes are about to shut or until I tell Katie I'm off duty. She actually understands that... and then she says that she's off duty too and we both do whatever. I usually watch tv through my eyelids and she plays with her toys. Then she falls asleep wherever she happens to be when her eyes shut. Then I carry her heavy 34 lbs to her bed where she snuggles in for the night. Whew! In the morning she'll call for me when she wakes up and I go in and open the shades and sing Good Morning, good morning, it's great to see you're face good morning good morning to youuuuu! She wakes up with a smile every morning. I go back to work on Thursday so I'll have to sing to her on the weekends.

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