Saturday, April 4, 2009

Jacob needs to take it easy on Mommy!

Jacob has started spitting up between bottles. He's gotten pretty predictable but it doesn't make it fun. At least our burp cloths are absorbant! He's also excercising his neck now. He has been pretty good at lifting and then holding his head up when he's on his tummy but it gets wobbly when I'm holding him standing up and his head bobs around. He's getting good at aiming his noggin just at the right angle to hit me in the chin and two nights ago, he bumped his head right against my tooth. Luckily for him, my lip was covering my tooth and it cushioned the blow for his little head. I was worried but realized that my poor lip was probably more hurt than his baby head.

He's been giving lots of smiles lately too - big, gummy grins. His beautiful eyes light up and he gurgles - I'm sure he's telling me how wonderful I am and how much he loves his mommy.

I wish he could be happy baby all of the time but we still go through the 3 hour mad baby window. I tried something different yesterday that seemed to help, at least he slept for an hour instead of fussing! We went into our bedroom and I rocked him in there. It was supposed to be quiet time for Jacob and mommy but Katie really needed to be in the room with us and since listing to her throwing a fit outside of the bedroom door wasn't conducive to quiet time, I let her in and she climbed onto the bed. And proceeded to whisper Mommy... mama... mommy... mom... mama... till I whispered "what?" and she whispered "I need my baby doll" so I said go get her and Katie climbed off of the bed and came back in a minute later with her baby doll. She got back on the bed and sat for a minute then started to unwrap her baby doll. This is not usually a good thing because it means she's got to get her re-wrapped and that can be tough since it must be done a certain way or she's not happy. She'll tell us she's mad or fustrated (I taught her that word and she uses it a lot!) and usually makes a loud argh noise. Well, luckily the blanket cooperated and she got baby doll rewrapped without any trouble. Then she started again with mom... mommy... mama... mama... mommy... mom... etc, etc. Finally after about the hundredth "mom" I whispered "what?" and she looked at me and smiled. I don't think she could remember what she wanted in the first place! Well, about 20 minutes into this quiet time, she was ready to go watch cartoons with daddy. Yes, it was a bribe. Every time Jacob's eyes would roll back in his head, she would whisper something and he would wake up! Finally at the end of quiet time when I came out to the living room, she came over to me and said Mommy, I left you alone didn't I! And was so proud of herself for staying out of the room so I had to give her a squeeze!

Katie has been a joker lately. I tell her "I love you Katie" and hug her and she matter-of-factly tells me "I don't love you mama." I bet Jacob will never say that! I'm still amazed that these two little beautiful kiddos belong with me! Every day is new and different and so busy that I have to wonder what I did with my time before I had kids!

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