Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The cartoons I watched as a kid... whew, I don't remember so much violence!

Katie loves to watch Scooby Doo. She loves it so much, she knows the theme song. Tonight she was watching cartoons (she can watch cartoons while I watch my tv show on hulu) and I turned it to Boomerang. The cartoon preview looked kind of scary and I said that out loud. Katie said "I like scary mommy... oohhhh scary. I like scary shows." She seems to like the older cartoons (tom and jerry and yogi bear and scooby and a lot of the other oldies) and they are more violent than I remember! But she doesn't seem to be too scared...

There was a time when she would have bad dreams about monsters but I think it helped that her daddy sprayed "monster juice" on the house so no monsters can get in. (I made that up and it seems to help her.) No bad dreams since then.

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