Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Katie and the baby doll or how many diapers can one doll dirty in a day?

I haven't actually counted the number of times Katie changes her baby dolls diapers but I think it amounts to at least 6 times per day. "Dirty" diapers were popping up all over the place, neatly rolled up and sealed into a nice little bundle. I usually go around at night to get any strays she may have left around since I have to do this when she's not around because if she sees me doing it, she tells me that they are dirty diapers, ish! Then she makes a show out of carrying the "offensive" diaper and putting it into the trash... we had to work out a special trash for these diapers so they don't get put into our real trash so she puts the diaper on her rocking chair in the dining room.

Katie is sitting with me holding a stuffed puppy... she barked for him and I said oh, that's too loud and she said Mommy... puppies bark in her cheerful voice. I let her play with this puppy even though he's Jacob's puppy... she told me that Jacob told her she could play with his puppy.

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