Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Katie wants to be a bumblebee when she grows up... she told me so last night.

Katie likes her new bumblebee game she got for her birthday. I hid... I mean, I set the game on the top shelf of the hall closet just to keep it safe and I didn't think she would be able to see it up there... but she did. She went to her daddy and said, Daddy, I want to play my bumblebee game. You play it with me? So John got the game down (after laughing over my not too good hiding spot) and was going to play it with her until I mentioned that maybe they could play with her kidconnects first. So they did that... John made three "monsters" and Katie told him what their voices should sound like and they had fun. Then John thought he was done and that maybe Katie had forgotten about the bumblebee game. But she hadn't. She was just having fun playing a warm up game before the big event! John couldn't sit on the floor anymore so I told her I would play. She was very excited. We pulled everything out and I started to stick the 1.2 million leaves in the tiny tiny holes in the honey pot and Katie played with the little bumblebees which I have to admit are very cute! She looked at me and said, Mama, when I grow up I'm gonna be a bumblebee. I was still putting in the leaves and Katie said Mama, you be the leaf keeper and I'll be the bumblebee keeper okay? I didn't know what she meant until we started to play and she was giving me all of the leaves as we pulled them out and she was keeping all of the bumblebees as they fell out of the honey pot. So precious. Finally the game was over. Katie was totally up for another round but I was pretty tired so it was story time. She picked up two books and I started to read but a few minutes into the book she laid down on the couch and seemed to be falling asleep. I told her that it was time for bed and she said "laundry" and I remembered that I had told her earlier that I needed to do laundry and she could help... but it was too late in the night and we would do it tomorrow. I told her I would race her to her room to go to bed and she jumped up and I could hear her giggling and running for her room. I laid down next to her and she said "night mommy" and we said prayers and she was asleep 10 minutes later. She's so funny and sweet... well, most of the time.
I gave her time out twice last night. She was not being very nice and she kept telling John "Scooby Doo daddy! I want Scooby Doo" and John was trying to find it on the computer but it was slow going and she was very impatient. After about 10 minutes of that, I took her to time out. She sits on the rug next to the bed and has to stay there for 3 minutes. She spends most of the time crying and saying "mama, maaaama, mamaaaaa, I get out now?" But the amazing thing is that she actually sits there and waits... I guess she remembers that one time she got up to leave the room and she had to go back and sit for 3 minutes before she was done. Well, usually the time out takes care of any attitude problems... but not last night. She had just gotten out of time out and she told me "No" in a very mean, bossy voice so she went right back in. Same thing "mama, mamaaaa, maaaama... I get out now? I want out! I no like time out!" *sigh*

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