Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend

Katie was so fun this weekend. We went to the lake for Easter and she was so excited to be there. We stopped in town for McDonalds and slowed down the whole process when John went to the second window instead of the first because we couldn't hear what the drive through person told us and just figured we'd stop at whichever window had the person standing in it looking expectant. Well, no one was at the first window so we went to the second. Big mistake. Apparently, there is no way for them to take money at the second window. The person at the first window has to yell the amount to the person at the second window. That person gave us the total and had to walk the money back to the person at the first window. This was accomplished after the person at the second window stood and stared at us for a few seconds because he just really wasn't sure what to do. I guess they don't have a lot of people who skip the first window. We finally got it all figured out and were on our way! We ate our dinner at mom and dads and got our stuff put away. Went to bed kind of late.
On Saturday mom made a huge breakfast of biscuits, sausage, eggs, strawberries, coffee cake... whew! It makes me full to think of it all. Katie didn't eat much. She wasn't hungry I guess. After we ate, I got ready for the day and cleaned up our room and got Katie dressed. We hung out for awhile and then went to Walmart - they had an Easter Bunny there and were offering free pictures. The person in costume held three pieces of candy in her hand. Katie only took one. She's so funny! She sat on the bunny's lap and had her picture taken. Then it was both kids' turn - we put Jacob on the other side and he was really good = sleeping! Then we just took one with him. Me and mom both had our cameras so we had some pics made from the cards and then walked around for a long time while we waited for the pictures. Katie rode one of the little bikes and Jacob slept in his car seat. Katie saw a purse she really liked in the girls section and she showed me. I told her that those purses are for girls who go to school. She put the first one down and then picked up another one and carried that with her while we shopped. I was worried that there would be an issue when she had to put it away but when we finished and were going to get our pictures, we walked by the purses again and Katie said Mommy, I put this away now. And sure enough... she walked over and hung it back up. I was so proud of her. While we waited, Mom mentioned stopping at the coffee shop for a chicken salad. That sounded delicious so we did! Katie had about 3 bites of that, a few bites of a croissant, a pickle spear and 1/3 of a cookie. Not too much. Then we went to a cute store that has gently used clothes and stuff. It was very clean and very neat. I found some really nice Old Navy knee length shorts for Katie for around $6! We'll be back there for sure! Then we walked to another shop down the street and looked around. After that it was back to the car and off to the house. Every time I mentioned going home, Katie asked me if we were going back to our house! I had to tell her that I meant we were going to the lake. K
atie and Jacob had their baths - Katie had fun in grandma and grandpa's big tub and Jacob had to take his bath in the sink! I forgot his tub at home. He didn't seem to mind though!
That afternoon Mom had lots of fun things to do with Katie. She got to dye eggs and that was so cute to watch and then she got to make cookies. They turned out really well... after we figured out that you can't roll them thinner because they will stick to everything. Mom made a great frosting for them and Katie ate more frosting than she should have!
We ate dinner (steak and lots of other yummy stuff) a bit later. Well, me and John and mom and dad ate dinner. Katie entertained Jacob and kept his nuk in his mouth because she wasn't hungry. It was really good. John and I were going to see a movie after dinner but Jacob started fussing and crying at about 8 p.m. and he didn't stop till 9 or so when he fell asleep. He had some very uncomfortable tummy issues. So we didn't go to a movie. Katie fell asleep early after she bit her lip or her tongue or something while she ate her spaghetti-o's and cried a bit while I rocked her then she was asleep! Mom watched Jacob overnight and I relinquished him to mom at around 11:30 p.m. and went to sleep. Only to be awakened at about 4 AM. I heard the TV going in the living room and could hear Katie's little voice chatting with John. I went out to see what was going on and I guess she woke up at 3 a.m. and wanted to go to the living room. Ack! I turned off the TV and rocked her and talked to her in a very boring tone... John laughed and told me that the way I was talking was making him tired too! Katie finally wanted to lay on the couch and she fell asleep there for the rest of the night.
The next morning, we got ready for church and off we went. After the service, Katie was asking me Mommy, where God? I told her he was in her heart. Then she asked again and I told her the same thing... I guess that helped her a little because she didn't ask me again.
We got home and I tried to get Katie excited about looking at her Easter basket from grandma and grandpa and hunting for the eggs...
Here are some pictures of Katie dyeing her eggs...

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