Monday, March 30, 2009

Katie's first play date

Katie had her first play date on Sunday. Rachel and her son Donovan (who's almost 4) came over at around noon and Katie was so excited. I guess he was too, he kept telling Rachel that he wanted to play with the girl. Before Donovan came over, we had a discussion about sharing. Katie went into her room and came out carrying three toys; a doll, a stuffed pink puppy, and a musical turtle appropriate for a baby to play with. She told me that Donovan could play with these. We had a talk about sharing and it must have helped because when he got here she was good about sharing all of her toys. Whew! The two of them played together with her Little People castle, kitchen, dolls and even the little turtle!

They also ran around and around and around the house. Then we decided it was time to eat. We went to McDonalds at around 1:30 (Jacob stayed home) and the kids ate happy meals and played in the play land. Katie was a little scared at first but he kept telling her Katie, come on and she followed him. It was fun to watch how much Donovan helped her through the tunnels. She didn't go down the slide but she did go across the netting sections - she saw me watching her from the table and said "Mama, I need you" but I told her that I couldn't get to her up there so she would have to come down. She did it and didn't cry the whole time she was playing in there. We went back to the house at about 3:45 and made brownies while the kids played. I overheard them playing in Katie's play kitchen. Donovan said "It's done now" and Katie said "Not yet, it's not done cooking yet..." Most of their conversations are in whispers so I couldn't hear much more. They left at around 6.

I took Katie to Target with me to get formula and she told me she loves to go on Katie Mommy dates with me. And gave me a big hug. We looked at toys and she got a book (Cat in the Hat). When we got home she wanted to help me put groceries away. She just kind of picks stuff up and goes to put it away so when I saw her carrying the gallon of milk, at first I didn't think about it too much but then I realized how heavy it was! She got to the fridge and told me I could take it now. She took the bottle of pop to put away too and when she put it on the shelf, the new bottle was "talking" to the old bottle saying hello friend I'm here and the other was saying I'm glad you're here. She cracks me up!!

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