Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Shouldn't this be less scary the second time around?

Well, when we had Katie everything was so new and I had no clue as to what I was doing. I knew the basics - keep them fed, diapered, clothed - but was totally surprised by the unpredictable illnesses, blowouts (and I don't mean the salon kind), blow ups, and just general paranoia a new parent feels about a new and very needy baby. I worried that she wasn't eating enough, that she wasn't pooping enough, that she wasn't alert enough, that she wasn't sleeping enough... pretty much everything that she did and didn't do throughout the day. She turned out fine... a healthy and happy almost 3-year-old. She's wonderful and funny and sweet and not sweet and most of the time we see all of these in 5 minutes. I had forgotten all of my earlier fears and was just enjoying her and her quirkiness when we found out I was pregnant again. I didn't think much about all of the "first baby fears" since I figured I had it all under my belt and wouldn't have any of the anxiousness I felt with a first child but, well, I was a tiny bit wrong.

Jacob came along and I worried about his leg having a little shake, why he drooled so much as he drank his bottle, was he eating enough, pooping enough, alert enough, sleeping enough... pretty much everything he did and didn't do throughout the day. You've maybe seen a pattern here? He's so precious and already such an important part in our little family that I just want him to be healthy and happy and to know that he's special. I think Katie knows that we feel that way about her - mostly because we tell her how wonderful she is and how much we lover her whenever we get the chance!

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