Monday, March 16, 2009

Movie time!

We (me and the kids) went to the lake this weekend and had a good time. Grandma and Grandpa do so much to help with Katie and Jacob so I get more sleep and relaxation. Katie loves it there - she's always busy doing something, either trailing around after her umpa, playing with playdoh with gamma, or playing bears by herself. Jacob is still too little to really "do" anything.

We watched Mama Mia! this weekend and it was really cute. Katie sat at the edge of the couch to watch and really paid attention (and I guess she's watched it many times before with grandma). Jacob slept through most of it so I got to actually pay attention to it! I liked it and would watch it again.

The kids went to church with grandma and grandpa on Sunday morning and I got some sleep.

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