Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I can see the headlines now... "Minnesota child talks to God on a cell phone"

Yes, you read the title correctly. Katie conversed with God on her cell phone today. She was sitting on the kitchen counter while I was making dinner and was saying things to God as if he were her buddy. And apparently He was answering. She was telling him about her doll and I guess God told her that her doll wasn't sick, so that's good...

We also went through a spoon phase a couple of weeks ago. She went to Walmart with her grandma and grandpa one evening and in the car they asked what she wanted to get at Walmart and she said "spoons". I know, interesting right? It cracks me up that the spoons she got with her 36 piece dish set just weren't cutting it. :) She came home with a package of 4 spoons for toddlers and we had to open them right away and she carried them around and they had conversations with each other. Who knew that spoons would have so much to talk about?

Life is never dull with her and Jacob in our lives. I'm so grateful.

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