Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our kids are on the way to wellness and Date Night was a success!

Well, today was Jacob's follow up appointment for his ear infection. We got to the clinic early (for once!) and went to check in, only to find that we were at the wrong clinic. I called the other clinic to see if we could still get in and got the okay. Luckily it worked out since the kids were both in good moods and no one was screaming or maaaaad (as Katie would say it). We got there and waited, which is totally normal for our doctor office and finally were let into the room, where we waited some more. Again, normal. Jacob is 12 lbs 5 oz at almost 6 weeks old, up from 9 lbs 5 oz at birth. His ear infection is cleared up and the doc accidentally broke the adhesion from his circumcision which I thought would hurt more than it must have. Jacob was totally fine through the entire appointment and smiling and in a great mood. Katie, of course, wanted to watch everything that was going on and was asking why with the enthusiasm that only a toddler can summon up! Then it was her turn to have her ears checked (we were supposed to go back for her follow up next week but I didn't want to pay another co-pay so I asked if he could do it for us) and she looked great. A little pink still with some fluid but not anything to worry about. Whew! I'm so relieved that both kids are doing well.

After the doctor visit, John and I went out on a date with JUST the two of us and mom and dad watched the kids. It was so nice to talk to each other over dinner (we went to Old Country Buffet) and just be alone together with no fussiness and no sweet little voice asking "Why?" When we got home, we planned to watch a movie online and while we were getting ready I went to see the kids and say hi to everyone. Things were fine (as usual) but when Katie heard that we were going to watch a movie, well, she picked up her toys and the one sock she had taken off and she started to head upstairs! She wanted to watch a movie with us too. It was cute - I finally coaxed her back by telling her that mommy and daddy were going to take a nap (I know... not the truth but she heard that and she turned around mid-step to go back to her grandma and grandpa.) We watched Watchmen and it was pretty good. It was super long at almost 150 minutes but it wasn't bad at all. The kids came up at about 9:45 and Katie went to sleep not long after (we paused the movie when they came home - it's really NOT a kids movie) and Jacob was sleeping when he came home. It was funny though that as soon as Katie was out, Jacob woke up.

All in all, it was a good date night. I'm hoping we can plan on a date night at least once a month!

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