Wednesday, March 24, 2010

If Katie learns how to use chopsticks...

I told Katie that the coupons I just put on the table were for restaurants. She said that we should have a Katie Mommy date and go to a restaurant and to the store. Just us.

I asked where we should go and she said "Maybe we should go to China and we can eat with chopsticks.". Really... Where does she get this stuff.

I don't know how to use chopsticks!

Then, using a pen and a stick from one of her games, she showed me. Rub it in why doncha.

Oh, and NOW she's going to show me how to make a garden.

Gardening according to Katie:

First you make a hole. Then you drop a seed in. Then you cover it up with all your dirt you digged out. Then you drop another seed in. Then you make a flower!

Last night geography (drawing a squiggly for Tecsus, Florida, and Minnesota)... now gardening and chopsticks. Tomorrow? Maybe a little world domination!

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