Sunday, May 23, 2010

What do two veggie plants and a bag of soil equal?

The kids are at the lake this weekend and when that happens, we pull out the ol' mental list of the things we want to get done over two days. Then we usually do the heavy labour on Saturday and recuperate on Sunday.

Our goal this weekend was to paint the wall dad built to make our dining room into a separate room for Katie. Mission accomplished!

But we couldn't just sit back and relax on Sunday... oh no.

Let me set the scene...

Me, hanging out in the recliner. Comfy and in the middle of a movie this morning...

(Cobra-a movie I wouldn't watch with Katie around. I *would* have been watching SyFy if they would have had anything good on... like anything with giant piranhas or super sharks but no. Just some movie with Colin Farrell and REALLY bad hair. So it was Cobra. Hmm. Still bad hair but I guess the SyFy channel made me mad by not showing what it's *kind of* known for, which is SCIENCE FICTION. Does anyone else feel my pain?! No? Oh, well okay.)


...when John said something about going to get tomato plants. I had been wanting to try soil bag gardening for awhile, so I was all for it. John can buy tomatoes and I can get soil and a veggie plant or two!

We kinda overdo sometimes so we left with two tomato plants (different types), two watermelon, two pumpkins, and my veggies: cucumber and pepper.

But we did not buy the apple tree (or the plum tree - that cross pollination stuff sounds tough... and expensive!). No way, Jose. We have to draw the line somewhere. (And considering that our purchases fit neatly in the trunk, alongside the $2 ice skates and the $1 hose holder we picked up at a garage sale on Saturday evening, I think we were the vision of self-control.)

I'll have to finish this another time and I'll include pictures... John's almost done planting all of our... plants and we're heading to dinner as soon as he gets cleaned up. I was finished about 10 minutes after we got home. Another reason I think this soil bag gardening is just right for me!

I hope this gardening thing works. I know that John can grow tomatoes (last time he planted them they were coming out of our ears) but, and don't be shocked here, I'm not known for having a green thumb. This should be fun.
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