Monday, May 24, 2010

Plant a garden... lose your cable

If you read my previous post here, you would see that we were industrious in the extreme this weekend!  Painting, planting our garden, and more painting.  We were tired, but it was a great weekend!

Well, last night at about 8:00, I was adding some finishing touches to Katie's beautiful, (if I do say so myself) new room while John was settling into his chair to play some online poker.

I knew the instant I heard him say "Uh oh," that something was up.  Jake uses this phrase freely and it usually means "look at me, I'm so cute, and you can admire my cuteness and laugh while I grin... and drop this toy on the floor" but when John uses it?  Well, I think the last time I heard JOHN use this phrase was when the toilet was on the fritz about two years ago... so I figured it was a BIG "uh oh."

And it was.  Our internet wasn't connecting.  And the TVs didn't work (and Glee is on tomorrow night)!

As I was on hold with our cable company, John *sort of* mentioned that the wire for the cable and the internet runs from the back corner of our yard to the house...


Right under our new garden.


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GlowinGirl said...

Uh oh! Well, you live and learn, right? :)

Stopping over from blogfrog. Your one boy and one girl are precious!! ;)