Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pn EWWWW monia

Jake's been coughing for a long time.  A really long time... I mean, ever since our trip to Texas in February.  He recently started coughing a lot more and at night so on Monday night I took him and Katie to urgent care.  Why Katie?  I dunno.  Seemed like an okay idea at the time.  I wanted to spend time with her and the whole evening would have been a wash if she had stayed home so off we all went.

Didn't wait too long.  Spent the time watching Jake walk around and talking about what the numbers/letters on the wall sighs were.  Jake didn't like the weigh in, or the ear check, or the breathing thing.

Or the X-RAY.

Yep, that's right.  He had to have a baby x-ray.  The doc thought it might be bronchitis so he was going to treat for that and in between the "blah, blah, blah"s I heard "it might be pneumonia but we won't know for sure."  And I asked how we could know for sure (because that's something I *might* want to know!) and he said we would need to do an x-ray.  So I told him we were up for it and he said I should talk to the lab tech.  Led us over there and left us to wait.  Till Katie had to go potty.  So we take care of that business and get back to find the tech ready for us. 

Oh, and it's lab tech week according to the small poster taped to the desk.  Us admins only get one day... something's just not right about that!


So we go to the room and put our stuff down and the tech explains that Jake has to sit in this tube with his arms above his head and Katie will have to go behind the wall with the tech and I will have to wear a huge apron thing while standing next to Jake.

So we try to get Jacob into the tube.  Ever try to get a cat into a bath?  That's what it looked like.  His feet and hands were rooted to the sides of the thing and we would get one hand off and try for the other and the first hand would grab on again.  Not fun for anyone.  Finally get him settled and the tech tightens the tube and Jake looks so comfortable...  (not really, just trying to see if you're paying attention!) I mean the opposite of comfortable, even though it doesn't look like it hurts.  We get the first slide down and the tech comes in and swivels the chair so he can get a side view and then we're finished.  I do notice that my fillings are a little painful but chalk that up to my imagination.

Back to the room we go to wait.

The doc comes back and shows me the white film on Jake's left side in the film and it's so clear that even my untrained eye can see something's not right.

Doc prescribes medicine.  We go home.  Daddy picks the stuff up.  Jake gets his dose on Tuesday.  Feels better already.  Whew!

I'm supposed to bring him back on Monday.  Another co-pay.  *sigh*


Anonymous said...

Poor Jakey - Mom

Jenny, Mike and Paige said...

Poor kid. Last summer I think Paige spent more time getting a medical procedure done than she did playing outside. 6 months of weight checks, allergy tests, sweat test, NG tube placement (X-ray), biopsy (X-ray), Urgent care/ER visit (2 X-rays), Week at Amplatz Children's Hospital (3 X-rays), Tube replacement (you guessed it....X-ray). I think she might actually be radioactive at this point. Anyway, the X-ray that Jakey got is BARBARIC. If I remember its like sitting on a bike seat, raising your arms over your head, being surrounded by a plastic tube up to your neck and waiting to have your picture taken. ....Why on Earth didn't he enjoy that?

The Tiessens said...

That's what it was! The tech kept looking at me like he expected me to burst into tears... I guess maybe parents do that sometimes. Really though I had to appear less chipper for fear of worrying him. It's not fun but you know it's what needs to be done.