Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hellooo? Is there anybody out there?

Hi everyone!  No, nothing new to report about the kiddos since I posted my last post a few hours ago.

I just wanted to say "Hi."  And let you all know that there's a handy dandy little "Comment" link at the bottom of each of each post.

Feel free to use it often since sometimes I feel like I'm talking to myself (I know I'm not really *talking* per se, the kids haven't given me that final big push over the edge yet!) and I would really like to hear from those of you who read this blog... all 6* of you. 

*I came up with the number based on the number of people who have told me "I read your blog" and yep, 6.  Maybe 8 if I really stretch and count John and my dad who I know probably don't read the blog but might count since John's lived it and Dad probably hears it from mom so in a really far out way... I'll count them in!  In which case, maybe I could count Uncle and Grandpa too!  Hey!  I've just upped my readership to a whopping 10 people!

But I won't know who's reading unless you comment.  *sigh*  *sad eyes*

Who'll be first?!

Oh, and if you don't know how to comment, here's the scoop: Go to the bottom of the post and click on the Comment link.  Usually there will be a number indicating how many comments I've received on any given post.  Here's a hint.  It's usually at 0. 


Write your comment extolling my witty writing and ability to see the humor in many... MANY things, along with my keen fashion sense...

              What?  Oh, okay, forget that last part. 

Then click Select Profile from the drop down list.  Choose Anonymous unless you have any of the other accounts. 

Click Post Comment and TA DA!  Everyone knows how you feel! 

It's *almost* as great as getting your own blog and being able to ramble on for however long you feel like rambling on for about whatever strikes your fancy at the moment!

Oh, but if you ever DID get a blog so you could ramble too, I would for sure comment.  Lots.  Almost incessantly.  Till you asked me to quit.  (Jenny and Mike, that's going to start up any day now so if you want to be proactive, you know, to stop the incessant commenting BEFORE I start up, well, now would be the time.)

I'm glad you read my stuff is what I'm trying to say and I just want to know what stuff you read that strikes your fancy so I can put more fancy-striking stuff out there.  I mean, I'll still post lots of stuff that strikes my fancy, it is my blog after all (see above about getting your own blog), but I'll throw in other stuff too.  Like pictures.  I added more of those after Candy mentioned it.  See!  Already improvment.

Anyway, thanks for reading.  I'll have to come up with a giveaway eventually... Jenny had a great one awhile back... Something for me to think about!


Anonymous said...

Well, I will try to write something. I enjoy reading the things my precious great grandkids are doing. Keeps me up to date when we are away from them for awhile. Jakey left his little car here tonight. We will keep it for him. Bye Bye. G

The Tiessens said...

YAY!!! Comment #1! Thanks Grammy!

Anonymous said...

I thought they weren't going to G&G's house last night. You must have changed your mind. Did you take the book for G? Mom

Anonymous said...

I read your blogging all of the time!!! You have a comical way of writing (and a sense of humor too)!!! It is fun to see how you family is doing, since we do not get to see you often. Keep it up, I am reading what you post.

Thanks for sharing,

The Tiessens said...

Mooooooom! This is a blog, not a messaging center! :) Yes, we took the book. Katie was really sad when she heard that we weren't going so I told her we could. The roast grandma made didn't help to sway my decision AT ALL.

The Tiessens said...

Candy, thanks for commenting!