Friday, February 19, 2010

Katie is a little high strung

Katie has had sharing issues. I've posted about them before but never have they been so apparent than they were a few nights ago.

Jake got a bunny for his birthday and it says stuff when you push it's hand, ear, foot, tummy, etc. It's a little obnoxious but cute.

Jake dropped his bunny from the chair and before I could pick it up, Katie had it. She had a death grip on this bunny, holding it in her arms much like I would hold sleepy Jake. She didn't give it back after I told her to. And she had no intention of ever letting it go from the looks of it.

She twined her fingers together and said "No, Mommy! I looooove this puppy, I not give him to Jake."

After more cajoling, "No! See my fingers? My fingers are locked tight and I don't have the key."

Turns out that mommy had the key and Katie got to reflect upon her behaviour in time out. Which I'm sure she did... in between the screams to "LET ME OUUUUUUUTT!!!" over and over. I'm just glad that she still sits in her time out (she could get up at any time and run off but, whew, she doesn't yet.) even if she does scream like the dickens.

Last night I pulled a bunch of her toys and put them away. She'll earn each one back with good behaviour but at the rate we're going, I wouldn't be surprised if I find a bag of toys 10 years from now still hidden in the closet.

I know it's just a phase. And I know she'll grow out of it (maybe not till Jake can fight back for what he wants). And we love her so I guess we'll keep her till that happens.

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